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Utica Fire Dept. refuses to take down religious sign despite atheist’s complaints

The Utica Fire Department is in the middle of a small controversy over a sign outside one of their fire houses.

The sign says, “Happy birthday Jesus, we love you.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a national organization that promotes separation of church and state and educates the public about atheism and agnosticism.

The group has written multiple letters protesting the sign.

Fire Chief Russell Brooks said the department will not take the sign down, according to NewsChannel 9 WSYR’s sister station WUTR-TV.

“This display is well within our constitutional rights and we’ve seen no reason to take it down when it brings such a good feeling to the community and to the firefighters,” said Brooks.

He also said, the department is also receiving a lot of support from the community about the sign.

Additional details area available on WUTR-TV’s website.



  • 3 days ago

    The constitution says Congress, (the only body that can legally make laws) shall make no law ( not ordinance or regulation but law ) establishing a religion (make we the people practice a particular religion ) nor prohibit ( prevent we the people from practicing one) the free exercise there of. It doesn’t say the government or people in the government cannot exercise a religion. It just says it can’t make you do it. That is why the Holy bible has been used for 200 years for swearing in elected officials and in courts of law. That is why so many courthouses have had the 10 commandment for 200 years and many public buildings including in Washington DC have carvings, biblical quotes and statues of Christian religious figures like Moses. The White House for all of these years has been decorated for Christmas. For all these years people have understood that the Constitution never said our government or government employees can not be Christian. They understood the Constitution just said it can’t make you be one nor keep you from being one. There is no such provision in the constitution as separation of church and state.

    • crescendo2020 3 days ago

      You’re wrong and courts have made it clear time and time again. They’ll lose this battle and will have to *gasp* preach on their own time and dollar. If you really want to fight these battles, you’re going to have to respect all religions, including the absence of religion. That means; swearing in on Satanic bibles if he or she so chooses. I assume you wouldn’t be okay with THAT, though, amirite?


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