Things NOT to do: Call Trey Gowdy a racist

Things NOT to do: Call Trey Gowdy a racist

On Tuesday during a hearing in the House over President Obama’s executive action on immigration, immigration activist and executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, Marielena Hincapie, suggested that race might be the reason that Congressman Gowdy and other  GOP’ers oppose Obama’s planned unilateral actions.

Gowdy explains that it’s impossible for someone to be able to speculate to the motives of someone else or read their minds.

“I could’ve sworn in response to a question you received… you suggested race is the basis for why we may have this constitutional perspective,” Gowdy said to Hincapie. “Did I understand you correctly?”

Hincapie tried to sidestep Gowdy’s question, but in true Gowdy fashion, he cut her off and unloaded on her.

“Well let me offer another explanation to you, OK?” he said. “Not a single Republican who is here right now has ever served under a Republican president — not one. So I hope I do live long enough to hold a Republican president to the exact same standard that I am holding this one. But for you to run to race as the explanation for why we hold the position that we do.”

Gowdy pointed out that Senator Harry Reid thought differently about executive overreach when there was a Texan in office, and Republicans “never accused him of geographic discrimination.”

“In fact — hell — for that matter, Senator Obama had a different perspective on executive overreach than President Obama, and no one runs to race as an explanation for that. So I would just caution you to be careful when you try to import motives to people,” he added.

See the fireworks in the video below:


  • Doc America 3 weeks ago

    Of course the Department of Homeland Security will advise you of your citizenship status (or not) based on your affiliation with “a gang” (or non-affiliation with “a gang”). What’s a “gang” (according to the DHS)? What isn’t a “gang” (according to the DHS)? What’s a citizen (according to the DHS)? What isn’t a citizen (according to the DHS)? See where this is going?
    Thanks, Dubya.

  • Jamie Pierce 3 weeks ago

    Bottom line those in the senate need to tale of those here in the United States. Yes we are a country everyone wants to live in. How about our homeless veterans that have gave to their country but what has the country given them. Instead of given funds to illegal aliens why not funds to have given to America. Why not take of them.


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