Sharpton Protest Chant; ‘What do we want? DEAD COPS!’

Joining the families of blacks killed by police, thousands marched toward the capitol and down New York streets on Saturday to protest what they called an epidemic of abuse at the hands of police.

But even though it was his event, many attendees didn’t want to hear from organizer Al Sharpton.

The march, organized by Sharpton’s National Action Network, once again chanted the oft-heard slogan, “No Justice, No Peace” with marchers demanding that federal laws be enacted to curb local and state police agencies use of force rules.

In an op-ed published on December 8, Sharpton noted that the “march against police violence” was needed to force Congress to “immediately start hearings to deal with laws that will change the jurisdiction threshold for federal cases and policing.”

Once the thousands of marchers reached the grounds outside the Capitol, Sharpton warned Congress that he and his supporters would not be ignored.

“You thought you’d sweep it under the rug. You thought there’d be no limelight,” Sharpton said. “We are going to keep the light on Michael Brown, on Eric Garner, on Tamir Rice, on all of these victims because the only way — I’m sorry, I come out of the ‘hood — the only way you make roaches run, you got to cut the light on.”

Sharpton was joined at the podium by felony armed robbery suspect Lesley McSpadden and alleged riot-inciter Louis Head, the parents of Michael Brown, a strong-arm robbery suspect killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in August.

“What a sea of people,” McSpadden said. “Thank you for having my back.”

Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner, the man who died during an attempted arrest in New York, also spoke at the rally, saying, “This is a history-making moment. We need to stand like this at all times.”

But even as Sharpton geared up for his address, dozens of protesters drifted away from the rally, saying they didn’t want to hear from Sharpton.

David Saunders, 62, was one rally-goer who left as Sharpton began his comments. “I believe in the march. But I don’t want to hear him,” he said.

Another person leaving as Sharpton began speaking told The Washington Post, “We wanted to be here. This was wonderful. But we’re good.”

This isn’t the first example of resistance Sharpton has been confronted with after his repeated attempts to capitalize on the pain of recent victims of police actions.

In one case, the family of a man accidentally shot by a rookie New York policeman in November publicly warned Sharpton to stay away from their loved one’s funeral.

Similar protests wracked New York, where protesters allegedly assaulted two NYPD officers and blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Protesters chanted violent slogans: “What do we want? Dead cops!”

Back in November, black suspects allegedly beat unarmed white man Zemir Begic to death with hammers in St. Louis earlier in December after screaming, “Kill all white people.” The killing took place after Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Similar hammer attacks took place after Sanford resident George Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio issued a warning to would-be violent protesters.

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  • tiredofyou 2 weeks ago

    Al, you are really some piece of work. You don’t have a legitimate job. Your source of income is highly suspect. Your race baiting has and will continue to get, innocent people killed. YES, this country definitely has a huge problem in race relations and you are not helping. All you do is stir the pot and then sit back and laugh at the people you have duped into rioting. PAY YOUR BACK TAXES. The money could be used to help people get out of your “ghetto”.

    • JLM 2 weeks ago

      Tiredofyou, I agree with you a 100%. Sharpton like Obama is BAD for this country. I worked my whole entire life and paid taxes. After my husbands death the IRS told me I owed them $1100.00 . plus penalties. They went as far as to take $100.00 a month out of my SS check for 13 months. Doesn’t sound like too much, but when your getting $733. , it’s tough to live on $633. I guess I should have been friends with Obama. Sharpton needs to be put in prison, and not a federal one. He’s the worst kind of leech.

  • 2 weeks ago

    I’m gonna kill that P.O.S one day , given the opportunity is all I need and I’ll take any opportunity presented to me

  • capnjack 2 weeks ago

    Parents that let their underage children participate in these protests should be brought up on charges by child welfare services.

  • John 2 weeks ago

    Lets see the Cause De Celebrants are as follows. Mike Brown: Tried to kill a cop after committing a strong armed robbery, Deceased. Voldemort Myers: (really who names their kid after the evil wizard in Harry Potter and thinks it’s gonna end well.) Out on parole for armed robbery to wit hand gun. Was supposed to be home on house arrest when he and a group acting suspiciously were approached by a police officer doing a paid detail. Since Mr. Wizard knew he had an ankle bracelet on he probably believed he was caught in violation of his parole. And since he had a stolen firearm on him and knew he would be going directly to jail he decided to run. The officer gave chase not knowing what he had. Mr. Wizard decided he wasn’t going to get away so best to shoot it out with the officer. But thanks to the poor firearms instruction and Gangsta U when Mr. Wizard’s gun malfunctioned after firing three rounds at the officer he did not know how to clear it in a efficient military fashion, Hence he won’t be down for breakfast. Mr. Garner street level hustler known for two things selling stolen un-taxed cigarettes on the street and fighting the police every time of the 33 times he had been arrested. Refused to give ID when officer wanted to summons him to court for yet again selling stolen un-taxed smokes on the street. Instead opted for door number two, Arrest. But as SOP for Mr. Garner he wasn’t going without a fight. Unfortunately Mr. Garner’s heart had been so abused over the years that it decided to take the day off right in the middle of everything. Mr. Garner died of a heart attack at a NYC hospital an hour and a half after resisting arrest. Kimani Gray 16 year old street rat who when approached by plainclothes officers he felt it was as good a time as any to draw his 38 revolver and point it at the officers. He also will not be down for breakfast. Tamir Rice young kid waving around a realistic looking toy pistol at a park pointing it at people walking by and generally acting stupid. When police approached and ordered him to show his hands he went for the toy gun. This one unfortunately sounds like either a foolish mistake by a young kid or suicide by cop. All those represented here with the exception of Timir were all criminals. Strange thing to be protesting about.

  • Michael Treis 2 weeks ago

    That’s a terroristic threat. Where is Homeland Security ?

  • kathleen 2 weeks ago

    seems to me someone should be arresting Sharpton for making terroristic threats! of course if he keeps it up, someone is going to shut him up once and for all!

  • 2 weeks ago

    How about removing any government forces for their potential usage. Police, EMT, fire. Fuck all these people. Go get a real job and contribute to this country. A true American would not act like this. Let them kill each other.

  • 2 weeks ago

    I said it and I repeat it…Al Not-too-Sharp-ton=Ghetto Klown, Race baiting, using it to promote a Race War…he does not care about anyone, he stands to profit from it. Wake-Up People!

  • Khryssy 2 weeks ago

    Your headline is misleading. Sharpton, although he’s an opportunist, didn’t have anything to do with those chants. He was in DC, the chants were in NYC. But Mr. Sharpton you are known by the company you keep, and preying on people who feel oppressed, for personal gain, is despicable.

  • KL Anderson 5 days ago

    Sounds like time for a permanent epidemic of the blue-flu in these cities. I would not live in a place that is promoting the killing of police officers. They deserve the mayhem that would result if all of the cops left their cities.

    These idiots seem to be unaware that if the police are not there the military will be. Without the police there will be martial law. The US military IS now allowed to operate within the exterior boundaries of the US, and CAN fire on US citizens. Expect looters to be shot dead; protesters to be shot dead; civil rights to be put in abeyance.

    You don’t think our military will do that? What about the UN troops that have already been in the US training for such actions?

    Expect these type of protesters to be declared as domestic terrorists and eliminated. FEMA is rumored to already prepared to house them.

  • Lee 5 days ago

    Since these people don’t need to go to work like the rest of us there should be some job openings out there.


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