Planned Parenthood Contracted By California School To Teach Sex Ed Class; Parents Livid

Sex Ed is taught to every freshman class at Acalanes High. High school junior Daniel Parkin told ABC7 News he never forgot it.

“I learned tips on how to put a condom on, it was useful,” said Parkin.

The course is taught by a representative from Planned Parenthood. It’s a partnership, pro-life advocate, Camille Giglio has a problem with. She told ABC7 News, “Abortion and contraception and Planned Parenthood are controversial, parents don’t know what’s going on.”

Giglio and some parents, such as Debbie Ward, want Planned Parenthood out of the classroom. Ward said, “I don’t think promiscuity and anything they are involved in is something my child should be taught in school.”

The superintendent says Planned Parenthood has been a consultant for comprehensive sex ed for 10 years. Parents have the right to opt out of the course and this fall only one student did.

“I totally agree that Planned Parenthood should teach what they know,” parent Kimberly Polisner said.

Some parents have no problem with the course, but those who do plan to protest at Wednesday’s school board meeting.

Via ABC7 San Francisco


  • Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd 2 weeks ago

    As a member of and volunteer for Planned Parenthood…I’ve got a problem with this.

    It’s a public (ahem, government) school. WHY is Planned Parenthood involved in it’s curriculum? I am not so naive as to believe that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have an agenda. WHY are they in charge of such a delicate topic? And why are they teaching ANYTHING other than the biological facts…keep the ethics and morals out of it…THAT, children should be getting at home.

    Can’t say I blame people for being irritated and concerned, if my children were still in the government school system, this would alarm me greatly.


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