When you sit back and try to decipher the liberal diatribe and vitriol, it begins to become clear that most leftist politicians in America probably don’t even believe the words that spew from their own pie-holes. They struggle to articulate their position and when cornered, revert to the same old ridiculous strategy of name-calling and increasing the volume. Then they make ridiculous doomsday predictions like global warming or global cooling or man-made climate change or if you deport illegal aliens American farms will have their crops die in the fields.

Via Brietbart:

Speaking before the House Rules Committee on Wednesday evening, Gutierrez blasted the “Tea Party and the Birthers who oppose everything the President is for” by saying:

When the economy takes a severe hit because the government is removing roughly 5 percent of the American workforce… how is the Tea Party going to feel about a government bail out? How much is the Republican majority willing to raise taxes to pay for deporting 11 million people?

“Yes, the Republican Party is betting the farm on the idea that the American people think deporting all 11 million people is not only realistic, but desirable,” he continued. “Oh, and don’t forget we will have to hire and buy fuel for 55,000 airplanes, pack them with 200 immigrants each and fly them out.” Gutierrez did not note that the Obama administration found the money to offer some prospective federal government employees six-figure salaries to implement Obama’s executive amnesty.

Gutierrez said that, “in this case, when I say betting the farm, I mean it literally—the entire American farm, and agricultural industry, and millions of farm workers, grocery stores, and families at kitchen tables are going to be turned upside down because the Republican majority is suggesting that the status quo and doing nothing is somehow upholding the Rule of Law.”

“No, what we are sending to the floor of the United States Congress is yet another symbolic and superficial bill supporting the fantasy that every single undocumented immigrant should be deported,” he said. “The Republican majority is planting its flag firmly on a myth that the United States should, would, or could deport 11 million people. And that it would be a good idea for our economy, our security, and our sense of humanity as a leader among all the other civilized nations of the world.”

Though federal immigration agents have said that it is nearly impossible for those who are not the most violent of criminals to be deported under the Obama administration’s use of prosecutorial discretion, Gutierrez said “moms and dads” who are “working at the car wash and playing ball with their children” will be deported ahead of “murderers and rapists” if Republicans pushed for tougher immigration enforcement.



  • 3 weeks ago

    I’m thinking it’ll be a lot cheaper to just bus them across the border. After that they can find their own transportation back home.

  • mark warren 3 weeks ago

    Hell, just the amount of cash that gets sent to Mexico instead of being spent (or saved) here by those 11 million illegals would make a serious energy shot in our economy…. Not to mention the benefits of putting taxpayers back to work!


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