Islamic Flag at Lewisville, TX Home Causes Controversy, Tension

Note: There are aspects of this story we are still researching, and may update to provide additional background and clarity, but due to the semi-viral nature of speculation on social media, we preferred to get this article out sooner rather than later. Please check back for updates later in the week.

LEWISVILLE – A Muslim family in Lewisville didn’t realize their religious flag was causing a stir – not until people started coming by to take pictures, and a journalist from a local TV station came to their house. To many Americans, the sight of a black flag with Arabic writing on it invokes an association with some very visible (but different) symbols in use by violent Islamist extremist groups, such as ISIS. Last weekend, one Lewisville woman’s post on a Flower Mound Facebook group resulted in a raging debate, complete with anti-Muslim rhetoric, first amendment arguments, and even a threat from a local man to burn the house down before the thread was deleted.

The truth of the flag, as we learned from several independent sources, and a conversation with a resident from the home is much more mundane: It’s a symbol of the Shia sect of the Islamic faith. The writing on the flag, in Arabic is phonetically “Ya Abbas Alamdar”, meaning “Oh Abbas, standard-bearer”. Abbas (Al Abbas ibn Ali) is believed to be the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, and is revered by Shia Muslims as a martyr in the battle of Karbala in the late 7th century in what is present-day Iraq. In that battle, Abbas carried the standard (or flag) and was killed while trying to bring water back for the children in their camp. Shia Muslims often refer to Abbas using the honorific title Hazrat.

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The sword is said to symbolize Zulfiqar, the name of the sword carried by Ali, who was Abbas’ father and Mohammed’s son-in-law. Shia Muslims regard Ali as the first imam. The color black is said to be a symbol of mourning, but was also a color representing the Abbasid line of caliphs.

Nisa, an 18-year-old college student who lives in the residence with her family, spoke to us Tuesday about the flag, and explained that it was just a visible symbol of their family’s Shia faith. Nisa’s family is originally from Pakistan, and moved to Texas in December of 2000. They have been in Lewisville since 2003, where they moved for job-related and school-related reasons.

She explained that Muharram, the first month of the Muslim calendar is when Shias typically commemorate Abbas’ brother, Imam Hussain, but that for her family, they have the flag year-round. Muharram began October 24th, and ended November 23rd. “Prior to the Facebook incident we have not had any dangerous threats, just people asking questions about the flag in a completely harmless manner,” said Nisa. “Several weeks ago a news reporter from WFAA Channel 8 News came to ask about the flag and what it represented because she saw threatening posts on Twitter,” she added. “We have had this flag on top of our house for about 8 years and nobody has ever complained about it.”

Read the full story at: Lewisville Texan Journal


  • John hoppman 2 days ago

    I dont care what the flag says. If they dont want to be bothered then dont fly a flag that you know will incite anger.

  • 2 days ago

    It needs to come down we dont need anything like that up right now .
    Its a bad time in this country to fly any flag other then the AMERICAN flag.

  • mike spanjer 2 days ago

    get a crop duster to spray it with pig blood

  • Lynn Cheramie 2 days ago

    Blacks don’t like the rebel flag so states have chosen to take it down. Americans don’t like that black flag so take it down or I can promise you will continue to get visits.

  • ray 2 days ago

    1st and foremost the flying of any Muslim flag in this country is an insult and they know it. 2ndly we need to stop recognizing Islam as a religion when in fact it is a barbaric system of Governance that is incompatible with Western civilization. That said we need to ban Islam from our country and that means no mosques for starters.

  • ld 2 days ago

    if people complain about the heritage of the confederate flag which is indeed part of THIS country’s heritage so people are not allowed to fly it and people complain about the American flag then they should not be allowed to fly it. now, as I am saying that i personally feel that we all as American’s have the right to fly the American flag PERIOD. we have the right to say what we want to say, feelings don’t enter in to it. my first amendment rights do not end just because your feelings are affected. you have the right to be offended, that does not effect my right to say it. I do not have the right to hurt you, but i do have the right to do what i want and wear what i want and display my flag and say whatever i want, no matter what you feel about it. if the people in the story are not citizens they do not have the same rights, when and if they become citizens then they can have those rights, but not before.

  • RightStuff 2 days ago

    The flag is an “in-your-face” statement that they plan to take over. Anyone, regardless of whether Shia or Sunni and who consider the Koran their holy book, is at war with anyone non-Muslim. Simple as that, and there has been no change in over 1,400 years. No modern-day revelation for the Muslims, no sireeeee!

  • 2 days ago


  • Pam 2 days ago

    It is ONLY the American flag that can be flown in our Country isn’t it? Kind of like a ship. You show your colors, no one else’s.

  • Don 2 days ago

    They are always claiming things we do is offensive. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. Take it down and move back to where you came from.

  • dam 2 days ago

    Keep poking the American bees next motherffers. It’s gonna get ugly we warned you. We are America and these colors don’t run.

  • starla 2 days ago

    If they want to honor Muslim crap then go back home! Americans in some places are forced to take the American flag down in AMERICA. .WTF! IM SICK OF THIS CRAP! MUSLIM OFFENDED BY AMERICA AND OUR BACON GET THE F***K OUT OF AMERICA! F****K YOU ALL!

  • Mark 2 days ago

    Noone cares what is on it. It is muzzrats. They gotta go.

  • arthur bonrtager 2 days ago

    Who Care take it down..It OFFENDS me..I don’t want to look at it in my country…

  • katie west 2 days ago

    I’ve lived in Lewisville tx for 17 years and the flag has been on that house as far back as I can remember

  • Mary 1 day ago

    I don’t think a flag that is written in A languages that Americans don’t understand needs to be flying in America if they are not American go home , if they are American fly the red what’s and blue. It says something about they fly the flag in present day Iraq over a war they had when some people were killed getting water. Well it is not American custom to fly an Iraq fly over any Iraq war . Be American or get out. Burn that flag.

  • Jason K 1 day ago

    12 year Marine Corps combat veteran here. As long as it legal, fly it. I don’t agree with it, but I fought for their right to fly it, and all of your rights to hate it, and more importantly, voice your opinions about it.

  • 22 hours ago

    Isn’t it true that in America to fly any other flag, it has to be under the American flag? Meaning that an American flag has to be flying on top of it?

  • Bill Bailey 18 hours ago

    Of course they can fly their flag, just like the KKK can fly their flag, and the American Nazi party can fly their flag. It is part of freedom of speech. It’s what we fought and died for.
    But I don’t want to see or hear about one other person being told they cannot fly the American flag in America because it might offend somebody.
    If you are offended by the American flag in America you should not be in America. And that also goes for the idiot in charge.


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