Family and friends shun Stacey Dash for her conservative positions

Stacey Dash, an actress best known for her role in the movie “Clueless” and more recently as a contributor to Fox News, says she is no longer on speaking terms with some family members and friends because they disagree with her conservative political views.

“My family and I have not spoken,” the 47-year-old Dash said in an interview with The Edit.

“My cousin Damon and my brother [Darien] were role models to me because they were great capitalists,” Dash continued. “Now we’re not really talking because they were the ones who told me to keep my mouth shut.”

Damon Dash is a well-known hip hop entrepreneur. Darien Dash is the chief executive of DME Interactive, an internet marketing company.

“They felt that I should do certain things because I’m black,” Dash said in the interview.

Being the object of contempt for her political views is not new territory for Dash. She’s regularly attacked by liberals, including many blacks who believe she is turning her back on her own race by embracing conservative views.

A recent example of the hatred Dash draws came in an Ebony article the actress re-tweeted on Tuesday which listed Google’s top-10 trending black actresses.

“Her conservative, clueless political slant sparked controversy time after time this year, making Dash notoriously trendy for all the wrong reasons,” reads the caption to Dash’s entry on the list.

“Certain friends don’t speak to me any more either,” said Dash, who is set to release a new book, “There Goes My Social Life.”

“But you know what? In the street I get [approached by] so many people of every color saying: ‘Thank you so much for standing up and being so brave,’” she continued.

“I thought it was time to have a black president and that it would unite us in such a profound way. But as a country, I don’t think we’ve been so divided since the Civil Rights Movement. I mean, isn’t it extraordinary that we are even discussing race in 2014?”


  • ob4 3 days ago

    Stay strong Lady. I too have lost many so called friends(friends for up to 30yrs) because I will not tolerate the liberal lies that they live by. Even my home front is under siege because of my standing for the truth. I have taken a stand of “I don’t care”. Those that stand against the obvious truth are not worth having around polluting my atmosphere.

  • phil 3 days ago

    …”and the Truth shall set you Free.” Those who have a vested interest in keeping racism alive…are not going quietly. There is good money in taking advantage of the ignorant and easily led. Ask Al.

  • RightStuff 3 days ago

    Dash frightens the leftists. If she serves as an example that the blacks can escape the Democrat plantation, it would be bad for mildless leftists. Democrats need their loose coalition of disgruntled minorities and other perverted interest groups. They cannot win withouth having them frightened of “the white man”. Dash says “no”, and that is scary for the Democrats.


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