This is the mentality that has marched the Democratic party into the abyss. The level of complete idiocy here is so shocking to the average American, they wouldn’t believe it unless they witnessed it with their own eyes and ears.

To think that the CIA owes ANY terrorist and apology for ANYTHING is jaw droppingly preposterous.

To think that the CIA owes an apology for ANYTHING they did in the aftermath of 9/11 is to politicize as well as undermine the effective defense and protection of the American people from terrorist barbarism.

This Congresswoman shows us very clearly why the Democrat Party has been vanquished from the local, state and federal legislative offices. Furthermore, she shows us that America has a lot more work to do voting people like this out of office.

–  Anthony J Codispoti / Facebook

Should we apologize to the terrorists who plotted and carried out the murder of thousands of Americans on 9/11? Oh, I know you think that’s just a crazy question. And you’re right! It’s a crazy enough question. But just exactly how crazy do you have to be in order to think we actually do owe the terrorists an apology?

Wouldn’t you agree with me that you have to be off the friggin’ charts, bat guano out of your mind to suggest we apologize to the killers who carried out 9/11?

But that is EXACTLY what Democrat Congresswoman Jackie Speier of the 14th Congressional District in California thinks. She represents San Mateo, and part of San Francisco and rumor has it she walks erect, but clearly, her brain is not in working order.

Folks, this is why we need to keep voting these people out of office until we find SOMEONE with sound judgment. We can no longer afford to elect criminally insane people who think we need to apologize to terrorists FOR ANYTHING!



  • Donna 2 weeks ago

    This is a bunch of crap…. APOLOGIZE, REALLY? No way… This was driven by emotion after a world wide tragedy,make them talk,yea then behead them,but we are more civilized… They could’ve got worse. What they went through PALES in comparison to what the people on those 4 flights & in the twin towers

  • Pete 2 weeks ago

    I can not believe this person even lives on this planet ,let alone i The United States Of America Put her on a Plane to Syberia or Mars ,some where anywhere but get he rout of U S A ,Mars be a 1 way ticket .

  • Pete 2 weeks ago

    Second thought Does this Democrat ,have any idea how many women and Men in our Military have died to give her the right to even appearon TV let alone make the Stateent that she made. How dare her . ,she needds to go Pay Osama Bin laden a visit in Neptunes depth ,he might welcome th company down there in the deep.

  • DANIEL Parker 2 weeks ago

    she is an idiot you talk about people cut the heads of children and kills woman and children after they Rape them you she shut the funk up dumbass no mercy for those people smart up or resign

  • mark rodgers 2 weeks ago

    All San Francisco area but cases nothing but party line treasonist bitches .

  • Sue 2 weeks ago

    I think the arrogance this woman speaks of comes from this democrat party. Apologize my butt, Americans safety was in question and the CIA did what was needed. We need to vote every one of those loons out of office. They have went too far this time. they need to be accountable for their actions. When election time comes show them what your think of their sheer stupidity. This was a political move by the democrats to try to curry favor with the masses. I think the masses are seeing without their rose colored glasses and will react appropriately. At least I hope so, if not our country is doomed.

  • Judi Brown 2 weeks ago

    Ask a stupid question, get an even more stupid answer.

  • Linda 2 weeks ago

    What part of heck no…..There is no way an apology should be given!!!! Pitiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • allan l 2 weeks ago

    What an unpatriotic, traitorous, slime ball. She should apologize to the 3000 that lost their lives on 911 , and to the several thousand brave soldiers who have lost their lives or came home mutilated and broken. Libtards should be exterminated. The host who asked the question should be fired.

  • clifftones 4 days ago

    We’re not torturing anyone who had anything to do with 9-11. Shoot Dick Cheney full of truth serum and find out it was all a scam, a false-flag operation carried out by our own Govt., designed to scare the hell out of you, then get us into Iraq and this no-privacy surveillance state. Seriously. A belief system which says ‘that couldn’t happen’ is exactly what these treasonous psychopaths are counting on for cover. The military-industrial complex Ike warned us about, but we didn’t listen.

    Facts aren’t partisan, they’re not open to interpretation. Fire can’t burn steel, not even Muslim fire. And didn’t Bldg 7 coming down ON ITS OWN later in the day make any of you QUESTION the whole damn thing? (This type of idea has a precedent — Google ‘Operation Northwoods’ and ‘Lyman Lemnitzer’, the JCS Chief, fired by JFK in ’62 for planning a scenario similar to 9-11, designed to get us into war with Cuba. Or the Project for the New American Century – PNAC. Their stated goal in ’97 was an invasion of Iraq, which required a ‘catastrophic event’ beforehand, in order to sway public opinion.)

    If you don’t know about ALL this stuff, then you don’t know your own side of the story, you’re just parroting, believing only what you want to. Think outside the box, open your eyes and look into ‘Who did 9-11?’ by Chris Bollyn.


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