Bill Cosby, Alleged Rapist, Reveals Himself To Be Racist Too

Bill Cosby, amid mounting allegations that he has drugged and raped scores of women throughout his decades-long career, has finally broken his silence to play the only card left available to him: the race card.

Cosby broke his silence Friday in a brief phone interview he gave to Page Six to inform the media that his wife, Camille, is standing by his side, and to call upon the “black media” to remain neutral.

“Let me say this. I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.”

Cosby’s comments come after the Associated Press released a video taken during a November 6, 2014 interview, where Cosby pressures the AP reporter to “scuttle” the video in which Cosby is asked about the sexual assault allegations and refuses to address the situation, calling into question the AP’s integrity. Soon after, Cosby’s new celebrity lawyer, Martin Singer, sent a threatening letter to BuzzFeed News that in continuing to pursue reporting on the allegations, they “proceed at their own peril.”

The Daily Caller recently unearthed audio from Cosby’s ninth album, It’s True, It’s True, released in 1969, where Cosby performs a lengthy bit about drugging women’s drinks with a species of beetle known to have aphrodisiac qualities, commonly called Spanish Fly.

In the bit, Cosby remarks about women being susceptible to the drug from ages 13 until they get married, and wishing he had a “whole jug” of Spanish Fly every time he sees a woman, especially when attending a party where girls are standing alone.

Given the defensive ground Cosby has taken against outlets such as the Associated Press and BuzzFeed, it appears he is holding on to hope, perhaps due to the cautionary hesitance from fellow African-American celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Jill Scott to cast guilt or blame, even in the face of shockingly similar stories and an alleged victim list that grows daily, that the “black media” will continue to support him by displaying their “integrity” by not reporting on the allegations at all. The problem with that is Cosby has been very critical of other black media personalities, as well as prominent black comedians and actors.

To date, over 20 women have come forward to accuse the formerly beloved comedian of drugging and raping them. Cosby has remained silent throughout the ordeal.

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  • Niki 2 weeks ago

    he just lost this supportive fan!

  • Michael Setzer II 2 weeks ago

    I don’t see this as calling on the RACE card. Don’t know if there is any truth to this issues, but know that he has been attached by certain sites whenever he has mentioned people taking responsibility for their actions and there lives. Some of the media has been very quick to back one side of an issue without waiting for the facts, or even after the facts are out. Asking for the media to be neutral doesn’t seem to be using the RACE card. If he said his actions were OK because he was black, that would be using the RACE card. I’ll hold judgement until the facts are in. His past actions have been very positive from my knowledge, so will give him the benefit for now. Hope the facts end up backing this up, but will see. Never though him to be perfect, but I will not cast stones.

  • David 2 weeks ago

    The part this article leaves out is he was talking to a black media journalist when he made the comment. That is why he made the comment about “black media”. I am so tired of articles that don’t tell the whole story to make their point.

  • D. Smalley 2 weeks ago

    The one thing that stands out to me in all of this mess is this: NO ONE took any of these accusers or the allegations seriously until Bill Cosby left the liberal plantation and started saying conservative things about the black family. The moment Bill started dropping some real bombs of wisdom and truth about what is wrong with American families and especially Black American families we knew something like this would happen.

  • Charles 2 weeks ago

    I do not see this as using the race card. I see this as him asking the black media not to use the race card, telling them to remain neutral.

  • Nunn-ya 2 weeks ago

    I wanted to add that Cosby needs to alight himself with colored folks. They are the only ones gullible enough to buy his horse-sht
    Keep praying for this country.

  • Typical Negro 2 weeks ago

    Cosby is a typical Negro. He can’t control his urges, especially around White women.

  • norman 2 weeks ago

    when your famous and rich you have bimbos throwing themselves at you white and black nothing attracts a bimbo like the smell of money you funny how it turns into rape when the bimbos turn into old hags you don’t need to drug any of them

  • Sovereign Mary 2 weeks ago

    Let’s see what your actions would be if someone started accusations and innuendo’s about you in making claims of what you were alleged to have done 20, 30 and 40 years ago.
    And, yet we have people falling all over themselves with rants, raves and smug commentary about Cosby who has as yet to be found and convicted of being guilty.
    Did any of you who are riding these accusations ever hear of the phrase you are innocent until you are found guilty????
    There must be some sort of ‘National Gossip and Innuendo Club’ where you can win prizes and cruise ship excursions for believing anything and everything the media dishes out to you.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Their is a Black Media ? I met Cosby in Baltimore,several years ago–he was a gentleman in every way.I believe this is going on because he made his feels plain–Negros bring on their own problems by playing the victim.In reality —there are so few colored that white people outnumber them 30 to 1.It was the worst thing that ever happened when people bought into the—First Black President thing —-first off—Obama is Not Black —he is Barely Brown— Nobody from Nowhere


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